News releases

21st March 2019 Half of UK workers uncomfortable with employer getting involved in personal lifestyle choices
13th February 2019 Digital GPs perferred to the real McCoy by almost half of young workers
17th January 2019 Nine in ten workers say benefits integral to job choice
5th December 2018 One in four young workers admit going into work still feeling drunk after nights out
4th October 2018 Money worries biggest cause of stress for millennials
5th June 2018 UK workers turn to retail therapy instead of tackling causes of stress
15th May 2018 Stress linked to unhealthy lifestyles in new study
17th April 2018 Only two-fifths of UK employees are happy with their workplace benefits
14th March 2018 Millenials twice as likely as their parents to suffer from stress
7th February 2018 A 3rd of UK workers think they should be financially rewarded for living a healthy lifestyle
23rd January 2018 Poor use of data limiits value of employee benefits programmes
5th December 2017 Rising cost the main barrier to introduction of employee benefits programmes
26th September 2017 Balancing childcare with work hits parents' health and wellbeing
30th August 2017 Workers believe UK business is under pressure to top up NHS care
20th July 2017 Tiredness hits productivity for UK businesses
28th June 2017 Research highlights presenteeism challenge for UK employers
16th March 2017 UK workers increasingly health cash plans over other benefits
8th February 2017 Howard Kennedy LLP introduces new nurse-led healthcare scheme
1st February 2017 Fit for work scheme still underused by employers
9th November 2016 A third of businesses fail to offer support for dementia sufferers
18th October 2016 Almost half of Brits would welcome use of wearables in workplace
26th September 2016
Disability still seen as a barrier to career progression
24th August 2016  One in six Brits have taken time off to care for elderly relatives
19th July 2016 Workers blame employers for contributing to obesity
30th June 2016 British workers becoming less satisfied with the benefits they receive
10th May 2016 Business counts the cost of binge drinking among young workers
6th April 2016 Only a third of mental health sufferers did not admit problem to employer
18th March 2016 Industry stalwart joins Willis PMI Group sales team
10th March 2016 Managers should live healthily and lead by example say British workers
1st March 2016 Willis PMI Group saves National Trust 40% on healthcare cover
24th February 2016 Workers sceptical about colleagues who take time off for mental health issues
11th December 2015 The Economist Group turns to Northwich-based Willis PMI Group
1st December 2015 Caring responsibilities impact the working lives of more than a quarter of employees
15th September 2015 Stress an increasing concern for employers
10th September 2015 PMI Health Group appoints two new senior consultants
22nd July 2015 Nearly one in ten companies have encountered employees with dementia
8th July 2015 PMI Health Group scores Gold for Investors In People
7th July 2015 Time to switch off? Stress rises for staff checking work emails out of hours
11th May 2015 North-south divide in health and wellbeing provision for workers narrows
23rd April 2015 Towers award for PMI Health Group Director underpins commitment to Group Risk excellence
30th March 2015 HR managers lack confidence in government Fit for Work scheme
25th March 2015 Almost a third of employees call on businessnes to tackle obesity
4th March 2015 Health insurance, life cover and childcare vouchers gain favour among UK workers
10th February 2015 Senior management appointments at PMI Heath Group
21st January 2015 PMI Health Group welcomes two new senior consultants
13th January 2015 More than half of companies take a proactive approach to mental health

23rd October 2014

PMI Health Group celebrates after scooping five awards

2nd October 2014

Physiotherapy expertise boost for PMI Health Group
2nd September 2014 More than three quarters of staff can't afford to live on sick pay
6th August 2014 More than half of companies have no e-cigarette policy
7th May 2014 North West employees suffer lowest level of wellbeing provision in UK
26th June 2014 More than half of North West workers under pressure to return from sickness absence
2nd April 2014 NHS cuts increase the importance of health benefits for workers
18th March 2014 Publishing giant turns to PMI Health Group for employee healthcare cover
10th March 2014 PMI Health Group welcomes new Senior Consultant
6th March 2014 Cash plans as popular as health insurance for UK workers
10th February 2014 PMI Health Group awarded three-star rating by customer service watchdog
9 January 2014 HR managers give vote of no confidence to government scheme
8 October 2013 Return on investment is the top priority for HR professionals
13 August 2013 Businesses report increase in absence during UK heatwave
9 May 2013 Nurse consultants help SThree slash health insurance premiums
9 April 2013 Government's Responsibility Deal fails to capture business support
4 April 2013 PMI Health Group boost client support team
16 January 2013 Businesses at risk of being under-insured in wake of welfare reforms
8 January 2013 Doctor appointed to help firms manage employee health and wellbeing
5 December 2012 Study reveals employers are fanning the flames of north-south health divide
22 November 2012 Cash plans ranked among most valued benefits for British staff
4 October 2012 PMI Health Group announces board appointment
14 August 2012 New service to help companies optimise the effectiveness of employee benefits 
31 July 2012 Insurance solution needed to improve employee healthcare
30 May 2012 Work-Life balance suffers due to economic downturn
21 February 2012 A quarter of businesses not equipped to deal with stress
8 February 2012 'Encouraging' number of firms monitor employee satisfaction
30 January 2012 Government urged to offer incentives for managing absence
27 October 2011 Awards brace for PMI Health Group
18 October 2011 PMI Health Group expands corporate team
12 October 2011 Award success for PMI Health Group
25 August 2011 HR professionals warned of insurance data security risks
18 July 2011 Businesses unaware of their legal duties to staff using DSE
12 July 2011 Staples boosts its employee healthcare provision
1 June 2011 International insurance cover for political unrest
9 May 2011 How cognitive behavioural therapy can tackle absence