Single person healthcare cover

Samantha is a healthy, non smoking 29 year old freelance journalist. Samantha is looking to take out private medical insurance as several weeks ago her mother required a specialist consultation and is still waiting for a date. She lives in a major city where NHS waiting lists are quite lengthy and does not wish to wait should she need to see a specialist or requires physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment or osteopathy.

Samantha has a £50 a month to spend which is a  very generous budget and comprehensive cover should easily be in reach. BCWA one of the UK's most established health insurers have an ideal product called 'Personal Health' which meets Samantha requirements for a policy which would cover initial consultations with a private specialist, in addition would also cover any required diagnostic tests in full. Furthermore a 5% discount is available as Samantha is a non-smoker.

If you are like Samantha and would like our medical insurance brokers to give you a quote, or if you require more information on single person health care cover, call Willis Towers Watson Health & Benefits for free today on 0800 083 0706.