Over 50s healthcare cover

Stephen & Mary are a relatively healthy couple in their mid 50’s. Stephen has recently retired from his position as a director of a small engineering company where he received private medical insurance for himself and Mary. 

Mary does suffer from diabetes however, this is controlled with medication and regular check-ups with her GP. Both Stephen & Mary are looking for affordable cover and are happy to compromise benefits to help keep the cost of cover down.

Long term affordability for most people is a key requirement and being flexible with benefits is certainly important should cost be an issue. Although Mary has a ‘pre-existing’ medical condition with her diabetes this would appear not to be too much of an issue as it is monitored by her GP.

Additionally, diabetes could potentially be classed as a ‘Chronic’ medical condition and no cover would be available for this. Our recommendation would be a policy with BUPA. The over 50s medical insurance policy offers a reasonable level of out-patient cover albeit subject to a monetary limit, however, cover for in-patient treatment would be covered fully subject to BUPA’s rules and benefits.

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