Couples medical insurance cover

Graham and Julie are a middle aged couple in their early 40’s with 2 young children and have recently moved to Scotland. The family are very active and participate in a range of sports. Private medical insurance has been something that Graham and Julie have been considering for a number of years and with a recent job promotion Graham feels that he is now in a financial position to provide the valuable benefits that PMI has to offer. With a budget of £100 per month Graham and Julie are looking for the most comprehensive level of cover for the available budget. Additionally, Graham and Julie would like to benefit should they remain fit and healthy and not make any claims.

More and more people are recognising the valuable benefits that PMI offers. Certainly with 2 active children and the amount of exercise the family participate in, Graham and Julie can see the benefit that Willis Towers Watson Health & Benefits can offer by promptly treat any sporting related injuries which may occur. Additionally,  they want to be rewarded should they not need to make any claims.

Our recommendation would be Norwich Union’s ‘Solutions’ policy which offers a ‘No Claims Discount’  and should Graham and Julie be happy to use hospitals primarily in Scotland then a generous discount is available.

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