Private medical insurance case studies

Find out how affordable private medical insurance cover could be for you.

Single person healthcare cover

Samantha is a healthy, non smoking 29 year old freelance journalist. Samantha is looking to take out private medical insurance as several weeks ago her mother required a specialist consultation and is still waiting for a date. She lives in a major city where NHS waiting lists are quite lengthy and does not wish to wait should she need to see a specialist or requires physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment or osteopathy.

Samantha has a £50 a month to spend which is a very generous budget and comprehensive cover should easily be in reach. BCWA one of the UK's most established health insurers have an ideal product called 'Personal Health' which meets Samantha requirements for a policy which would cover initial consultations with a private specialist, in addition would also cover any required diagnostic tests in full. Furthermore a 5% discount is available as Samantha is a non-smoker.

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Couples and family medical insurance cover

Graham and Julie are a middle aged couple in their early 40’s with 2 young children and have recently moved to Scotland. The family are very active and participate in a range of sports. Private medical insurance has been something that Graham and Julie have been considering for a number of years and with a recent job promotion Graham feels that he is now in a financial position to provide the valuable benefits that Willis Towers Watson has to offer. With a budget of £100 per month Graham and Julie are looking for the most comprehensive level of cover for the available budget. Additionally, Graham and Julie would like to benefit should they remain fit and healthy and not make any claims.

More and more people are recognising the valuable benefits that Willis Towers Watson offers. Certainly with 2 active children and the amount of exercise the family participate in, Graham and Julie can see the benefit that Willis Towers Watson can offer by promptly treat any sporting related injuries which may occur. Additionally,  they want to be rewarded should they not need to make any claims.

Our recommendation would be Norwich Union’s ‘Solutions’ policy which offers a ‘No Claims Discount’  and should Graham and Julie be happy to use hospitals primarily in Scotland then a generous discount is available.

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Over 50s healthcare cover

Stephen & Mary are a relatively healthy couple in their mid 50’s. Stephen has recently retired from his position as a director of a small engineering company where he received private medical insurance for himself and Mary.  Mary does suffer from diabetes however, this is controlled with medication and regular check-ups with her GP. Both Stephen & Mary are looking for affordable cover and are happy to compromise benefits to help keep the cost of cover down.

Long term affordability for most people is a key requirement and being flexible with benefits is certainly important should cost be an issue. Although Mary has a ‘pre-existing’ medical condition with her diabetes this would appear not to be too much of an issue as it is monitored by her GP. Additionally, diabetes could potentially be classed as a ‘Chronic’ medical condition and no cover would be available for this. Our recommendation would be a policy with BUPA. The over 50s medical insurance policy offers a reasonable level of out-patient cover albeit subject to a monetary limit, however, cover for in-patient treatment would be covered fully subject to BUPA’s rules and benefits.

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