Personal health screening

Find out how healthy you really are

Do you really know how healthy you are?  Even if you watch what you eat and visit the gym, it can be difficult to know exactly how fit you are on the inside.

Now you can take control of your own health and well-being with a full body health check.

  • Get reassurance on your current state of health
  • Find out about any health issues before they become a serious problem
  • Get advice on lifestyle changes to encourage fitness

Assessments are carried out by registered nurses at clinics across the UK. Your personal report will contain the results of a full body health check including your blood pressure, heart rate, body fat analysis, lung function and hearing tests, together with a personal health action plan.

People have health screenings for a number of different reasons. Some large vehicle drivers are required to have an HGV health screening either before they are offered a job or periodically throughout their employment. Employees who are potentially exposed to health risks by the type of work they do on a daily basis will need a statutory health screening. Are you going on a long or physically difficult trip? If you are, a pre-travel health screening can give you peace of mind that you are up to the challenge.

Personal health screenings are a great way of preventing potential health risks and helping you have a healthier lifestyle. If you need any more information on a personal health action plan, call our full body health check advisers for free on 0800 083 0706.