Dental insurance plans

With two-thirds of dentists in England turning away NHS patients*, around two million patients do not have access to an NHS dentist and are being forced to go private, go on waiting lists or do without**.

To make your trip to the dentist less painful we offer a range of dental insurance plans.

A dental policy can pay for both routine and preventative dental care, and cover you in case of more serious and costly accidents and injuries. Treatment such as dentures, root canal procedures, crowns and more are covered by a dental insurance policy. Emergency dental treatment is also covered and you get to choose the dentist you wish to visit. Find out more about our affordable dental insurance plans by clicking on the link below.

Policies usually provide a large contribution towards many common dental costs, whether your treatment is provided privately or by the NHS, giving you the flexibility to choose how and when you receive treatment. Commonly, you would pay for the treatment and then claim the money back from your insurer.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our dental insurance advisors for free on 0800 083 706.


* Which? survey, 2007
** Citizen’s Advice report, 2007