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Advice from the Foreign Office

The Foreign Office has recently produced a series of hard-hitting videos as part of their 'Know Before You Go’ campaign to help keep British citizens safe and healthy abroad.  

They provide a short but useful reminder on how important it is to have a decent travel and/or health insurance policy before you head to your new host country.

If you're planning to work and live abroad for a longer period of time, the Foreign Office website is also a very useful resource. Here are links to some of their online guides.

Remember their top tips to know before you go:

  • Make sure you have appropriate travel insurance cover
  • Do your homework - research the local laws and customs
  • Check in with local doctor as soon as you can before travelling 
  • Check your passport is valid and that you have all the visas you need
  • Get copies of critical travel documents - you can even keep them online now using data storage sites
  • Let someone know where you are going and give them contact details for an emergency
  • Make sure you have alternative funds which you can access in an emergency

If you have any other questions about UK Foreign Office recommendations, call Willis Towers Watson Health & Benefits, on 01606 353260, request a callback or complete our contact form.