International health insurance

Are you planning to go overseas consulting for an extended period of time or to live abroad for more than six months? Global health insurance gives you access to the most comprehensive healthcare for you and your family. You can even include maternity care, dental, optical and routine health checks as part of the policy. Our international health insurance is individually tailored to your needs, requirements and budget.

If you’re going to Europe, don’t make the mistake of relying on the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). It allows access to the same state-provided healthcare as a resident of the country being visited, but many countries will still expect you to pay towards the cost of your treatment. The EHIC also won’t cover any private medical care or repatriation for a medical emergency.

Long term health care is often not covered by an EHIC or a travel insurance policy, so let us help you get the right medical insurance cover. We have a wealth of experience with expatriate health insurance as well as those travelling for long periods of time.

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