Global insurance

You can’t put a price on your health. With language barriers, unfamiliar ailments and wildly varying standards in medical care, falling ill abroad without the right medical insurance policy can leave you vulnerable and exposed.

Costs of treatment vary considerably between countries and repatriation or medical evacuation can quickly add up to many thousands of pounds. Did you know that an air ambulance to return you home in an emergency costs from around £15k?

Willis Towers Watson Health & Benefits offers a full range of global medical insurance plans to suit you and your requirements. Whether you need emergency treatment in hospital, repatriation back home or a simple visit to an overseas doctor, our global medical insurance policies will have it covered.

The choice between travel or international medical insurance will depend upon where you are going, how long you are staying there, how often you travel and whether your family will be coming with you. You can also buy insurance cover that will pay a proportion of your salary if you are unable to work due to long-term sickness or injury and global life insurance.

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