How we work

Core values

Respect for customers, employees and business partners dictates how we conduct our business activities. We expect our employees to act fairly and with integrity in all their business relationships, at whatever level.

Understanding client needs

Our success depends upon our ability to respond to the individual requirements of each of our customers. Taking the time to understand what a customer needs enables us to deliver a targeted, personal and appropriate service.

Managing expectations

We believe that customers value and deserve an open and honest approach: realistic deadlines, clear explanations and promising only what we can deliver.

Review and measurement

Identifying what we do well and where we need to improve can only be achieved by regular measurement and review of our services. Acting on the results completes the process.

People development

We think that our employees are excellent – we know this because our customers and business partners tell us. We work hard to ensure that our employees are given every opportunity to expand upon their skills and knowledge. We are proud to be recognised as Investor in People.


Through ongoing co-operation with customers and business partners we are able to enhance the quality and diversity of the products and services we provide.


We try to do this as much and as well as we can. We realise it takes a lot of work to communicate well, so we try to make it easy to keep in touch.

Responsibility and authority

Our employees are expected to take responsibility for their customers, their business contacts and themselves. Delegating the authority to make decisions means that we are able to demonstrate a flexible and pragmatic approach.

Attitude and style

Conveying our passion and enthusiasm for customer service is a responsibility which all employees take seriously.

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