Individual group leavers

You can continue to look after your employees even after they have left with our Group Leavers Continuation Service.

If they act swiftly (usually within 30 days of leaving), employees can continue with all the benefits of their private medical insurance – without having to declare their medical history or add any exclusions with a new insurer.

If, for example, they move insurers and had already developed diabetes during the previous policy, they would have to declare it on the new policy and any conditions related to this would not be covered.

In contrast, if they stay with their previous employer’s scheme, this would not count as an exclusion and they would continue to enjoy medical insurance cover for any related conditions.

Group Leavers Continuation is available to all members of your corporate medical insurance scheme. To find out how your company can benefit from Group Leavers cover, c­all Willis Towers Watson Health & Benefits on 01606 352035, request a callback or complete our contact form.