Willis Towers Watson Employee Health, Wellbeing and Benefits Barometer 2019

What's in it for me? Attitudes of UK employees

Conducted by research consultancy OnePoll, our sixth report shines a spotlight on health and benefit issues through the lens of workers across the UK. We hope it will provide businesses with a deeper understanding of the pressing needs and priorities of the modern workforce. 

Read the detailed barometer or check out the wellbeing or alcohol infographics - topics include: 

  • the importance of benefits when choosing where to work
  • perceived inequalities in the way benefits are offered by employers
  • how employers are embracing neurodiversity
  • the lack of health advice on alcohol consumption 
  • the reasons behind employees not taking regular breaks
  • employee weight and its impact on productivity
  • whether fertility treatment should be offered as a benefit

Give me the detail: read in-depth barometer

Give me the health and wellbeing facts, fast: view infographic 

Give me stats on alcohol: view infographic