Willis Towers Watson Health & Benefits Employee Benefits Barometer 2017

What's in it for me? Attitudes of UK employees towards employee benefits

Conducted by global research consultancy Kantar TNS, our fifth report presents an in-depth look into prevailing attitudes to employee benefits and wellbeing initiatives amongst staff across the UK. 

Dip into the infographic or delve into the detailed report – topics include:

  • reasons behind the increased demand for employee benefits
  • perceived inequalities in the way benefits are offered by employers
  • the negative attitude to absence and the phenomenon of presenteeism
  • employee scepticism around mental health issues
  • the impact of sleep deprivation and childcare responsibilities in the workplace
  • when employees expect to retire considering impending changes to the State Pension Age

Give me the facts, fast: View infographic overview of the results

Give me the detail: Read in-depth report