PMI Health Group Employee Benefits Index 2014

What's in it for me? Attitudes of UK employees towards employee benefits

Conducted by global research consultancy TNS, our second annual Employee Benefits Index is an in-depth look into prevailing attitudes to employee benefits amongst both full and part-time staff across the UK.

This year, we've also looked at attitudes to sickness absence, revealing some fascinating differences in the reasons for which male and female employees worry about being off sick.

Find out:

  • Which are the most popular employee benefits?
  • Is there a London/rest of UK divide in benefits provision?
  • How influential are benefits in an employee’s career decisions?
  • How happy are employees with their benefits?
  • How many employers consult their employees on benefits preferences?
  • How many employees feel under pressure to go back to work early
  • The very different reasons that men and women feel pressurised to go back to work early
  • Sick pay provision

Give me the facts, fast: View Infographic overview of the results 

Give me the detail: Read in-depth report