Absence management

  • We're trusted by some of the UK's largest employers to help cut the cost of employee illness by measuring, managing and minimising levels of sickness absence.
  • We can help you to identify problem areas, get staff back to full health (and the workplace) faster and reduce levels of absence in the first place.
  • We are fully flexible.  You can call us for a one-off pre-employment health screening - or we can run your entire employee absence management programme for you. 

Get staff back to work faster

Our team of highly experienced in-house Occupational Health professionals offer a holistic approach to managing and reducing the duration of sickness absence.  

We provide a unique sickness absence case management service (we call it 'managed care'), where fully qualified nurses give expert advice and support on healthcare related matters and assist employees throughout any claims on healthcare policies. 

The nurses work closely with our Occupational Health professionals who are able to provide robust medical reporting on long-term absent employees to assist companies with their management. They will assess and report on present and future working capabilities, give rehabilitation advice and recommend any appropriate adjustments to employment duties.

Find out more about 'managed care' absence case management.

Create a healthier workforce

Our in-house occupational health physicians can help you to run a healthier workforce, with less reason to take time off.  They can:

  • check fitness levels before you recruit
  • screen your staff on an ongoing basis to identify any serious health issues before they become a problem
  • deliver comprehensive stress management solutions
  • advise on drugs and alcohol screening
  • carry out workplace risk assessments to highlight any adjustments you might need to make to meet changing legislation.

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